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Read about our name change from Dynamic Security to Secuni


Dynamic Security is now Secuni: The FAQ

On August 10, 2023, our company began operating publicly as Secuni.

We have selected the new name to reflect our steady expansion beyond security technology integration, to include managed services and the unification of systems that solve a company’s security, safety, and operational requirements.

Secuni at Age 24

Our company turned 24 this year.

And like a college graduate with some real-world experience, we’ve got a fairly developed sense of how we work with others and make decisions.

Centralizing Your Security Systems

It’s common for large companies with multiple facilities in the US (and overseas) to have a fragmented set of security systems at all those sites. You might have several kinds of video surveillance solutions running at the same time, and access control systems that don’t talk to each other or your HR database.

How Managed Services Improve Your Security System’s Uptime

This is part of our series on how a managed services team helps your system deliver the required level of corporate safety and security.

(If you’re new to this series, a third-party “managed services team” is a remote set of security experts who assume responsibility for your security system’s day-to-day operation. Here’s our team.)

Today, we’ll focus on how they help deliver a high level of system uptime.

Our Perspective on Open Architecture

We firmly believe in the long-term value of using open-architecture security hardware and software. In other words, fundamentally extensible components that can easily integrate together.

In contrast, some security product lines lock users into a proprietary platform. This may meet your requirements and save capital expenditure in the first few years, but at the cost of higher operating expense and narrowed future choices.

Systems based on open architecture can accommodate new innovations faster, easier, and at lower cost.

A Few Thoughts on Employee Compensation

Our small teams approach works because Secuni employees tend to stay with us for a long time.


Candor About Security Technology

We speak particularly plainly about two matters.

The advantages of open-architecture solutions, as compared to more closed platforms which lock you in. We have seen enough situations where client requirements evolve over time and users discover that the closed platform(s) do not readily rise to the new needs, and that the cost or complexity of deployment is actually prohibitive.

Why We Decided on the Small Teams Approach

Here’s the sequence of people you might meet when you hire a typical security technology integrator.