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For companies with Genetec-powered security systems at multiple facilities, Secuni’s Vigil Managed Services team helps you inexpensively outsource the oversight and performance of everyday tasks.

This raises the operational performance at your Genetec-equipped facilities, and helps all your facilities meet corporate security standards.

Multisite View

See any combination of camera views at any of your company sites, all at once on a single computer screen or mobile device.

No more remote logging into each site.

One login, one customizable dashboard.

Daily Camera Health Checks

We will verify that each of your cameras is working as intended, performing daily checks for technical operation, focus, resolution, and field of view. We also verify server operation, for a higher level of system uptime. 

That’s one less job for your managers in the field, and less chance of missing important video evidence.

End User Management

If your company uses card access control, your named managed service rep can promptly modify, add, or remove login credentials for any of your facilities. We can also configure your access control system to permit user identities and roles to gain access to certain interior zones.

Video Evidence Handling

Potential liability events should be handled consistently and quickly. Get the control you need over these matters.

We can quickly find and retrieve video evidence based on your instructions, and distribute it in an auditable and secure manner to your colleagues and law enforcement. All this is done in the cloud, without the use of a single flash drive.

Audits and Reports

The managed services team will quickly produce access control activity reports for cardholders, to show when they used your facility’s doors during a specified time period.

Crisis Assist

Crisis Assist is an add-on service for companies seeking an outsourced security operations team with its own operations center. 

Our 24×7 support agents can actively respond to monitored incidents, coordinating with you and your facility managers according to your SOPs. Our staff can also remotely attend security meetings with your HR and Operations teams, ensuring that your security systems continue to support your business’s growth and security requirements.

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