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Secuni provides 24×7 UL-listed central station monitoring, false alarm verification, and local authority dispatch.

Our 24-hour managed services team can provide additional incident diagnosis and response.


Alarm conditions can be integrated with complementary systems including enterprise IoT and Access Control Systems, for specific responses defined by your own incident management SOPs. If you have large and/or complex facilities, this gives a significant improvement to alarm handling and crisis management.

Secuni can provide talkdown, virtual guarding, and video escort.

Our managed services team can perform video verification to reduce false positives.

Industrial equipment and other building systems can be monitored (with dry contacts and/or software integration) and alerts sent when a device operates out of range.

Burglar and Fire Alarms

We install burglar alarm systems and integrate them as necessary with your security software platform for the appropriate situational response.

Secuni is certified to provide fire alarm installation, test, and inspection services in Florida. In other states, we have durable business partner relationships to provide fire protection for your facilities.

Fire detection and alarm systems are installed by Secuni or a partner, and integrated with the rest of your security system.

Fire and burglar monitoring is outsourced to one of our trusted central station partners.
Secuni can develop innovative and reliable systems for regulated industrial facilities.

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