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Protecting an industrial, manufacturing, and logistics facility often requires substantial problem-solving.

A security system design must take into account safety requirements, active vehicles and machinery, harsh environmental conditions, power and data required in remote places, regulatory requirements, flammability risks and so on. What’s more, installation and service efforts often need to be scheduled around 24-hour operation.

The Secuni team knows how to solve these problems throughout the system life cycle.

We deliver industrial security & safety & communications solutions that are robust, extensible, and behave predictably.

Innovative Problem Solving

Even though we approach each project with an open mind, there are two new solution components worth special mention.

Secuni has developed an industry-first integration between Motorola hand-held radios and industrial intercom, public address, and digital signage platforms. This integration can be further extended to access control, video, and/or third-party automation systems.

From their radio, shop floor personnel can deliver preprogrammed and ad-hoc voice messages over PA and intercom systems.

Radio users can also control LCD displays, entry gates, doors, and start/stop other automation processes. 

Tying key systems together through robust integration can produce efficiency, safety and security dividends:

  • Allow mobile workers to interact with key systems to improve productivity.
  • Promote more efficient vehicle and people flow
  • Coordinated communication within your facilities
  • Quicker response times for critical events
  • Simple user operation
  • Customized to your specific needs
  • Extensible to other IP-connected devices
  • Uses industry-leading Motorola and Commend hardware

Flame Detection and Thermal Validation

Secuni can design an integrated system for your company that includes thermal camera sensors with smart analytic software.

The AI-driven analytic capabilities of these devices are poised to revolutionize early flame detection, by using tightly defined alarm criteria and software that dramatically reduces the incidence of false positives.

Areas with inherent fire risk (like electrical breaker panels and garbage tipping floors) are obvious applications, as well as intrusion detection and product quality inspection.

We’re very excited about the Mobotix M73 camera for these applications.

This device is a high-end thermal imaging camera with an onboard co-processor that facilitates a variety of machine-learning applications.

It accommodates 1) a thermal sensor; 2) a visual camera; and 3) either an IR illuminator, speaker, or microphone. It now includes full API access to the camera at the pixel level, which enables truly customized requirements.

The recently-released Mobotix thermal validation app, when loaded on the camera, distinguishes between incipient fires and heavy equipment. This means far fewer false positives to interrupt normal facility operation.

Because Every Facility is Unique

Although we may seem prescriptive with the Motorola-Commend integration and the Mobotix camera component, we still approach every situation with the assumption that your needs and objectives are unique.

Secuni is in the business of solving security and safety problems, with whatever component makes the most long-term sense for you.

We generally approach industrial facility system design this way:

  • Secuni system engineers collaborate with your HSE and Facilities colleagues on designs that anticipate safety, functional, and expansion considerations. Detailed drawings leave no room for uncertainty.
  • A large manufacturing or logistics facility needs a basic system foundation: All of the typical security components (video, access control, perimeter security) integrated into a unified system.
  • Custom integrations, lone worker wearable solutions, and enterprise IoT integrations fill any remaining safety gaps.
  • We can deploy explosion-protected cameras, rugged switches, and other hardened devices.
  • The system needs to provide full visibility to local and remote stakeholders. All the systems at your sites should be aggregated into one pane of glass.
  • Alarms and exceptions can deliver alert messages through the security software, getting the messages where they needs to go — and in alignment with your SOPs.
  • Secuni’s managed services team can perform many easily outsourced tasks, to ensure smooth operation of the security system’s software platform.

Industrial Security System Components

Design & Engineering

  • The Secuni engineering team has vast experience integrating system components. 
  • For multisite and global clients, we design with scalability in mind. 
  • We can integrate existing hardware into an upgraded system. 
  • Custom software development for your specific operational cases. 

Video Surveillance

  • Cameras and software to provide quick searching. 
  • On-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid. 
  • Smart attribute searching for people, vehicles, and more. 
  • See your cameras on a smartphone. 
  • Axis, Hanwha, Avigilon, EagleEye, Milestone, and more vendors. 

Physical Access Control

  • Minimize friction as people enter & exit. 
  • One card for all your facilities. 
  • Mobile credentials too. 
  • Send an alert when a door is propped open. 
  • Active Directory integration. 
  • LenelS2, RS2, Salto, and more lockset and software vendors. 

Managed Services

  • Outsource system maintenance and tasks to our expert team. 
  • Ask your named contact for video evidence, and they’ll find it. 
  • Audits, reporting, training, and system monitoring. 
  • All your facilities can meet corporate security standards. 

Alarm Monitoring

  • 24×7 monitoring, dispatch, and support
  • Define your own incident management SOPs for tailored responses. 
  • Talkdown, virtual guarding, video escort, and more. 
  • Video verification to reduce false positives. 

Uptime & Reliability

  • Preventive maintenance plans for predictable budgeting and convenience. 
  • Failover systems for mission-critical applications. 
  • Ensure your software is up-to-date and secure. 


  • Unified public address systems. 
  • Applications for visitor management, emergency, and more. 
  • Integrated with your physical access control and video surveillance systems. 
  • Custom integrations with barrier control and perimeter security. 
  • Commend, Aiphone, and other vendors. 

Emergency Communication

  • Integrated with life safety systems and physical access control. 
  • Duress triggers and alarms 
  • Status Solutions and other vendors. 

Perimeter Security

  • License plate recognition to track wanted and unwanted vehicles. 
  • Vehicle barriers are integrated with your access control database. 
  • Thermal and IR imaging for outdoor intrusion detection. 
  • Many interesting integrations are possible for industrial applications. 

Custom Development

  • Secuni has substantial experience building middleware to solve connection needs between disparate systems.
  • Our capabilities extend from door hardware to databases.

Selected Partners for Industrial Applications

  • Commend
  • Genetec
  • Assa Abloy
  • Axis Communications
  • RS2
  • Milestone
  • Hanwha
  • Avigilon