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Secuni has designed and built perimeter security for a wide variety of facilities: industrial, hospital and life sciences, municipal infrastructure, commercial, and educational.

We design systems entirely based on current and future needs, using the best open-architecture components for the widest possible upgrade paths.

License plate recognition

Track wanted and unwanted vehicles that use your parking lots, and can send an alert to facility security when an unwanted visitor enters the property. This is particularly useful in the K12 space, when student custody is an acute issue.

Vehicle gates

Integrated with a license plate recognition system and your access control database, to provide quick and automated access to authorized vehicles.

Outdoor detection

Although thermal cameras are still the best tool for detecting outdoor intrusion, video analytics have good applications for outdoor detection and the technology is developing quickly.

In the adjacent image, a Teledyne FLIR thermal camera has identified an intruder and marked him with an H for human.


Many interesting integrations are possible for industrial applications. For example, a facility employee can use his handheld radio to open one of several vehicle gates, and trigger a particular display message for the vehicle’s driver.

Additional offerings

Secuni also can provide fence breach solutions, vehicle bollards, and exterior and interior turnstiles. All can be connected to your access control system.

Selected Vendors for Perimeter Security

  • Axis Communications

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