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Even with good open-architecture OEM hardware and software, sometimes you have a special use case which needs custom integration.

Secuni has substantial experience building middleware to solve connection needs between disparate systems.

Our capabilities extend from door hardware to databases. If a security-related device has line voltage and data wires, we can probably connect the two. Below are a few recent examples.

We can connect existing radio to intercom, PA and security systems, enabling shop floor workers to deliver voice announcements in an industrial environment. Our solution includes the capacity for customized messaging, digital signage control, man-down notifications, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic control.

Often the security system does not easily solve the complexity of complex interlocking doors in clean rooms. We’ve solved this problem by creating a set of tools that solve these problems in a scalable way that can be monitored by the security system, and is more readily integrated into regulated-environment documentation.

Security software platforms often don’t have sufficient native functionality to solve enterprise-level rules required to properly sync HR system data. In other words, your HR database may say John Doe has a certain title and works in a certain department, and based on that he should have access to Building X — but his access card won’t get him in the door. Secuni’s software engineers can develop a solution which bridges that gap, with data import and card access rules based on your requirements.

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