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If you are responsible for one, ten, or thirty basic “office buildings,” your main priorities for a security system are probably like this:

  1. Meet your own safety standards and compliance requirements.
  2. Sensibly minimize the friction of ingress and egress (both pedestrian and vehicular).
  3. Equip the security team with the tools they need for visibility and reporting.
  4. Get a system that adapts to changes, both planned and unforseen.
  5. Spend money prudently.

Most security directors look at that list and think at first, okay what hardware and software should I be using? All or parts of your current system might be showing advanced age, and you know that fresher tech is out there.

It’s true. Camera resolution is much better, storage cheaper, access cards more versatile, and doors can be opened by faces and phones. The software is smarter, tasks consume less time, and cloud solutions are maturing.

So you can certainly exceed your requirements with a stack of security technology, whether it be a selective upgrade or a totally new system when your firm moves into its new building.

But your technology shopping list is only half of what you need.

Reliability over the years

An enterprise security system should really be “architected” for the long term. This means thoughtful engineering designs, capacity planning, and a bias towards open-architecture tech that gives you more choices in the future. You get good system architecture when working with smart and experienced engineers.

Your security integrator should also, as a company, have a track record of stability and technical knowledge which is wide and deep.

The people who design, build, and maintain your system over the years should be … a consistent team. You shouldn’t have to explain your system to a field tech, nor should the field tech need to guess how things are built. We think our small teams approach is best, since familiarity leads to reliability.

For our commercial clients, Secuni’s engineer-led teams have delivered the smartly built security systems which lead to reliability and long-term value.

Commercial Security System Components

Design & Engineering

  • The Secuni engineering team has vast experience integrating system components. 
  • For multisite and global clients, we design with scalability in mind. 
  • We can integrate existing hardware into an upgraded system. 
  • Custom software development for your specific operational cases. 

Video Surveillance

  • Cameras and software to provide quick searching. 
  • On-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid. 
  • Smart attribute searching for people, vehicles, and more. 
  • See your cameras on a smartphone. 
  • Axis, Hanwha, Avigilon, EagleEye, Milestone, and more vendors. 

Physical Access Control

  • Minimize friction as people enter & exit. 
  • One card for all your facilities. 
  • Mobile credentials too. 
  • Send an alert when a door is propped open. 
  • Active Directory integration. 
  • LenelS2, RS2, Salto, and more lockset and software vendors. 

Managed Services

  • Outsource system maintenance and tasks to our expert team. 
  • Ask your named contact for video evidence, and they’ll find it. 
  • Audits, reporting, training, and system monitoring. 
  • All your facilities can meet corporate security standards. 

Uptime & Reliability

  • Preventive maintenance plans for predictable budgeting and convenience. 
  • Failover systems for mission-critical applications. 
  • Ensure your software is up-to-date and secure. 


  • Unified public address systems. 
  • Applications for visitor management, emergency, and more. 
  • Integrated with your physical access control and video surveillance systems. 
  • Custom integrations with barrier control and perimeter security. 
  • Commend, Aiphone, and other vendors. 

Perimeter Security

  • License plate recognition to track wanted and unwanted vehicles. 
  • Vehicle barriers are integrated with your access control database. 
  • Thermal and IR imaging for outdoor intrusion detection. 
  • Many interesting integrations are possible for industrial applications. 

Custom Development

  • Secuni has substantial experience building middleware to solve connection needs between disparate systems.
  • Our capabilities extend from door hardware to databases.

Selected Vendors for Commercial Firms

  • Salto
  • RS2
  • Milestone
  • Hanwha
  • Axis Communications
  • Genetec
  • Avigilon
  • Assa Abloy

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