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Read about our name change from Dynamic Security to Secuni

We approach each of our clients with the assumption that your needs and objectives are unique.

As in, this is a new puzzle to solve.

This approach drives everything we do from design to maintenance service. We look for opportunities to combine emerging open-architecture technology offerings in unique ways, to prevent security and safety problems on your individual sites from occurring and detecting those that do.

Every client relationship starts with a review of your business and the risks that require mitigation. Only after these are understood do we make recommendations for cost-effective deployment of technologies.

What We Do

The job of a good systems integrator begins with design and engineering.

Hardware and software is chosen and then configured to act as a unified whole.

High uptime and reliability is delivered by field service technicians plus a managed service team, and alarm conditions escalated appropriately.

Video Surveillance

  • Cameras and software to provide quick searching. 
  • On-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid. 
  • Smart attribute searching for people, vehicles, and more. 
  • See your cameras on a smartphone. 
  • Axis, Hanwha, Avigilon, EagleEye, Milestone, and more vendors. 

Design & Engineering

  • The Secuni engineering team has vast experience integrating system components. 
  • For multisite and global clients, we design with scalability in mind. 
  • We can integrate existing hardware into an upgraded system. 
  • Custom software development for your specific operational cases. 

Physical Access Control

  • Minimize friction as people enter & exit. 
  • One card for all your facilities. 
  • Mobile credentials too. 
  • Send an alert when a door is propped open. 
  • Active Directory integration. 
  • LenelS2, RS2, Salto, and more lockset and software vendors. 

Managed Services

  • Outsource system maintenance and tasks to our expert team. 
  • Ask your named contact for video evidence, and they’ll find it. 
  • Audits, reporting, training, and system monitoring. 
  • All your facilities can meet corporate security standards. 


  • Unified public address systems. 
  • Applications for visitor management, emergency, and more. 
  • Integrated with your physical access control and video surveillance systems. 
  • Custom integrations with barrier control and perimeter security. 
  • Commend, Aiphone, and other vendors. 

Uptime & Reliability

  • Preventive maintenance plans for predictable budgeting and convenience. 
  • Failover systems for mission-critical applications. 
  • Ensure your software is up-to-date and secure. 

Emergency Communication

  • Integrated with life safety systems and physical access control. 
  • Duress triggers and alarms 
  • Status Solutions and other vendors. 

Custom Development

  • Secuni has substantial experience building middleware to solve connection needs between disparate systems.
  • Our capabilities extend from door hardware to databases.

Perimeter Security

  • License plate recognition to track wanted and unwanted vehicles. 
  • Vehicle barriers are integrated with your access control database. 
  • Thermal and IR imaging for outdoor intrusion detection. 
  • Many interesting integrations are possible for industrial applications. 

Alarm Monitoring

  • 24×7 monitoring, dispatch, and support
  • Define your own incident management SOPs for tailored responses. 
  • Talkdown, virtual guarding, video escort, and more. 
  • Video verification to reduce false positives. 

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