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Bart Kartoz

Bart Kartoz: General Manager LinkedIn

Barton is the General Manager and owner of Secuni. Under his leadership, the firm has established multi-year relationships with large and medium-sized commercial clients with facilities around the world. The company has grown accordingly, and now employs more than 60 talented engineers, account managers, and service technicians.

Secuni’s clients rely on Barton’s strategic advice on security system design and integration, drawing on his 25 years in the industry. He remains current on the intricacies and integrations of IP-connected security cameras, intercoms, access control devices, and related systems like client databases and fire & burglar alarms.

Barton is a U.S. Navy veteran, did his BA work at University of Pennsylvania in Biochemistry, and holds an MBA from Rutgers University.

Victor Alexander

Victor Alexander: Vice President LinkedIn

A founder of Secuni, Victor has an encyclopedic knowledge of security system fundamentals, application and server management, and the inner workings of many modern hardware and software platforms.

He began his extensive career in physical security in 1978 as an engineer designing card access controllers, working with industry legend John Wiegand to perfect the development and production of Wiegand Technology’s badges and card readers.

Aside from his expertise in physical access control systems and video surveillance solutions, Victor has designed a variety of related system components: automated computer control of photography stands, a custom snorkel gantry camera in Princeton for commercial television applications, hardware & software to multiplex gas matrix displays, and a PCB controller to place ATM user data on the unit’s video stream.

Ricardo Rivera

Ricardo Rivera: General Manager – Florida LinkedIn

Ricardo is the General Manager of the Secuni office located in Florida and founded in 2015. This office handles projects throughout Florida, LATAM and other states in the continental US.

Developing and implementing a Local Service Provider model, they partner with qualified integrators in different regions and ensure projects are delivered according to scope while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

Ricardo has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance and an Executive MBA from Rutgers University.

Tim Collins

Tim Collins: General Manager – Managed Services LinkedIn

Tim joined Secuni in 2019, after more than 30 years in the security industry. His background in law enforcement and physical security implementation underpins a highly practical approach to security design and integration. Tim’s expertise in cybersecurity, IT infrastructure design, and physical security systems provides a comprehensive approach to system design.

With his exhaustive knowledge of Genetec, Tim currently leads a team of support agents that provide 24/7 managed services support for our enterprise customers using Genetec. The team’s proactive approach and customer engagement provides our customers with a “virtual employee” who is invested in meeting operational standards.

Patty Leeds: Director, Compliance and Human Resources LinkedIn

Patty Leeds is a 14-year veteran of Secuni and currently responsible for all HR functions, compliance, payroll, and office management. As the company grew, she developed many vital client-facing functions: AR, AP, Service, and accounting.

Patty previously spent 20+ years in the International Banking sector, rising to VP of IT Project Management.

Andrew Benkard

Andrew Benkard: VP, Strategy and of Marketing LinkedIn

A seasoned B2B marketer, Andrew is responsible for developing the Secuni brand and leading several of the firm’s strategic initiatives.

He has led global market and business development efforts in software, publishing, investment banking, medical devices, international risk management, ecommerce, and boat manufacturing.

After receiving his MBA at Columbia and moving to New Jersey, he worked at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal.

Ken O'Malley

Kenneth O’Malley: Operations Manager LinkedIn

Kenneth has been working in the physical security industry for more than ten years. In 2019, he joined Secuni after helping build and maintain a security infrastructure for a nationwide communications network provider. Kenneth has since then trained and organized a team of Technicians, Project Managers, and Engineers to proactively support our largest customers.

With a solid foundation in field installations, Kenneth has first-hand knowledge of executing all phases of substantial security projects. The scope and scale of his experience has been integral in developing security standards for multiple organizations in the health, municipal, pharmaceutical, and hazmat verticals. Along with other members of the Secuni leadership team, Kenneth has driven an effort to support customers on a local, regional, and global level.

Jess Simonds

Jess Simonds: Controller LinkedIn

Jessica oversees Secuni’s accounting and financial operations. With a rich background of 15+ years in accounting & finance in the global financial market, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Jessica spent a decade in the Property Management Industry, with a primary focus on the Global Corporate Housing sector. Collaborating closely with the CFO in her previous company, Jessica played a pivotal role in managing the company’s 240x growth in revenue.

She takes great pride in cultivating positive relationships with clients and vendors.