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A necessity for schools, a reliable and thoughtfully planned emergency communications system can meet your regulatory needs and deliver stakeholder confidence.

Naturally, these systems are integrated with everything else: life safety systems, physical access control, video surveillance, and mass notification systems.

When that is done right:

  • The message gets where it needs to go, even if you lose power or internet.
  • Your drills and actual incidents can be handled according to your SOPs.

Secuni has substantial experience with new installations of these systems in small K12 and very large higher educational facilities, and we can selectively upgrade existing communications systems to integrate with existing hardware and software.

Multimedia emergency notifications can be delivered over public address speakers, mobile devices, and telephones. These systems can also be connected to building lights, annunciators, and duress triggers in individual classrooms or high-value areas.

Secuni provides lone worker systems that can deliver mobile alerts to facility security staff.

Law enforcement and first responders can of course be alerted according to your specific emergency criteria.

Selected Vendors for Emergency Communication

  • Status Solutions
  • Commend

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