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IP-based and open-architecture intercom systems offer tremendous visibility and flexibility to expedite the flow of visitors to your facilities.

We can unify your urgent, energency voice, and public address systems.

When integrated with the rest of your security system:

  • You can have a video record of every visitor who uses the intercom.
  • Custom workflows define which of your colleagues are notified when someone calls from outside.
  • Your colleagues can answer visitors with audio and/or video from their computer, mobile device, or dedicated intercom hardware.

Delivery drivers can be granted on-time or recurring-use PINS for access.

Intercoms can be integrated with outdoor pedestrian and vehicle barriers and other perimeter security.

We can design and develop many creative integrations with complementary equipment, like:

  • Two-way radio (Motorola)
  • Pedestrian and vehicle barriers
  • Digital Signs, both indoor and outdoor-rated
  • Access control
  • Video Surveillance

Intercom systems can also serve as a public address system for schools, industrial plants, and public gathering facilities.

Selected Vendors for Intercom applications

  • Commend
  • Axis Communications

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