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Secuni has installed and maintained thousands of surveillance cameras for its clients, from multi-office global enterprises to a local school or business. 

Our approach towards a new install or an upgrade is very consultative. 

We are very familiar with upgrading a video system, which can mean replacing the Network Video Recorder’s hardware or software for use with existing cameras, or selectively upgrading cameras for better visibility. 


Secuni engineers discuss your firm’s particular requirements for visual coverage, and then draw on their own past experience and best practices to find the right selection and placement of camera hardware. Siting and selecting from the hundreds of available cameras is actually the easy part: multi-sensor dome cameras for corridor intersections and outdoors, night vision for parking lots, good depth of field for long hallways, and so on. 

Secuni offers cameras from Axis, Hanwha, and many other leading vendors.


Secuni offers a range of VMS solutions, from powerful on-prem systems (e.g. Milestone, shown here) to simpler cloud-based apps (e.g. OpenEye). Most offer quite good smartphone-based apps, allowing you to review live or archived footage remotely. 


Video consumes vast amounts of space on disk (or cloud), and we help you find the right approach for your budget. We model out every system’s projected future IOPS when specifying a mix of SSDs, HDDs, and cold storage.

Modern NVR systems and cameras ease everyday tasks

Searching Footage

You can retrieve video of a person wearing a certain outfit, a particular model and color of car, a vehicle with a particular license plate, or any movement during a time range. You can track a particular person’s past movements from camera to camera, or when they swiped into a door.

Evidence Handling

Footage can be confidentially shared with stakeholders and law enforcement, with appropriate watermarks and faces blurred for GDPR & FERPA compliance.

Viewing Privileges

Colleagues and third parties like law enforcement can be given rules-based viewing privileges.

Video Analytics

NVR systems can trigger an alert when a line is crossed, someone if loitering, or a package left behind (object detection), or when a hazardous condition arises.

Selected Vendors for Video Surveillance

  • Milestone
  • Hanwha
  • Axis Communications
  • Genetec
  • Avigilon

The Connected Camera  

Secuni excels at the integration of video surveillance and other security systems components. 

  • Physical Access Control system integration, so you can match a person’s appearance to a card swipe at a door. This also helps control tailgating and passback. 
  • Video-based alerts can trigger alerts to your security staff and emergency communications system. 
  • License Plate Recognition can ease vehicle entry when integrated with your perimeter security system’s gates and barriers. 

Secuni’s Managed Services team can remotely operate your video surveillance system.

To ensure your video system works properly, Secuni offers:


We offer unlimited user training.

Managed Services

We can remotely perform many daily tasks for an overstretched security department, and raise operational performance.


We offer 24×7 alarm monitoring.

Service Plans

Corrective and preventive maintenance, hot spares, and no-additional-cost parts & labor plans for predictable budgeting.

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