Picking physical security technology suppliers has never been more complex than it is today, and it promises to get only more difficult given the number of new and exciting technologies being developed – and the number of manufacturers and distributors hawking them.

Last year, Secuni used more than sixty suppliers. Of course, some are central to a solution while others provide just a few peripherals. To be an effective design-build outfit, management of supply chain is an important part of our success. Not all the new suppliers will be successful, and we do not want to strand you with obsolescence. The biometrics and analytics markets are littered with skeletons of defunct companies.

What are the key factors for us?

  1. We are hesitant to adopt new suppliers without extensive field testing. We also feel it is fair to ask new suppliers for financial bona fides to establish their potential longevity as a going concern.
  2. Product support is a massive difference-maker: we expect thorough sales support, and training for both ourselves and our clients.
  3. Open architecture is key. We do not advise our clients to invest in full solutions because there are so many great open-architecture software developers. That flashy feature from the closed system will soon be copied by others and be available to most of the open-architecture market.
  4. Commitment to current and emerging standards, like ONVIF and OSDP.

Our own team knows that we can’t represent every good product. To maintain expertise, we limit ourselves to a set of solutions that we feel satisfy different market needs, while recognizing that we cannot address all needs – and that many of the suppliers we don’t represent have great products that solve client problems very successfully.

This helps us stay grounded and tuned into the reality that although product selection is important, it’s ultimately the implementation and operational teams that create successful outcomes more than specific product features.

We also encourage our clients to spend time in the selection process. Consider how many hours you will spend operating the system after selection! The upfront investment of time, while hard to find for most of us, is critical to ensure the best fit. Often, during the selection process, we uncover important additional requirements that help the vendor selection process.