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Secuni is a security technology integrator, specializing in commercial and educational markets. 

We build, upgrade, and service unified solutions that protect people and property. 

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Small teams

Fewer points of contact, better continuity.

Global capabilities

Like, one access card that works in all your facilities around the world.

We sometimes write about security tech…

A novel solution for interlocking doors

May 16, 2024

We recently built a new access control solution for a life sciences company’s sterile lab environment, using a particularly elegant technical approach.

AI in Security: Part 1 of 2, the Short-Term View

April 23, 2024

One year ago, ChatGPT went mainstream and started the AI hype train.

How You Can Respond to the Flipper Zero Threat

April 15, 2024

A $100 handheld consumer-friendly device named the Flipper Zero got our attention in 2022, when its Kickstarter was a viral success.

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